Faux Painting Techniques

Over the past few years, the number of websites on the topic of Faux Painting has increased considerably. There is a simple reason for this. The truth is that anyone can learn how to faux paint. Every person that is able to pick up a paintbrush and paint any solid color can learn how to faux finish a surface. The result is a wealth of fabulous colors and effects achieved by learning simple, easy faux painting techniques. 

The motivation behind Faux Painting Techniques.com is to provide an opportunity for website visitors to access all required faux finishing resources in one location. Our goal is also to provide a support structure for those researching new and challenging finishes. 

In addition to covering the techniques necessary to create the basic elements of each style and finish, we include finishes that reflect the prevailing tastes of today's best interior decorators and artists, as well as those of their clients.  As a result, the faux finishes detailed are more complex and diverse than those found on most other faux paint websites. 

How to use this website: 

Faux Painting Techniques was conceived, designed and written to avoid some of the shortcomings found on so many other information sites. There exists an overwhelming amount of useless content, poor site navigation structure and ineffective images on many related websites, making it difficult to determine how a particular finish was created.

The site is split into three general sections: 

  • Specific Faux finishes 

  • General faux painting information

  • Site features

Every faux finish page provides images that launch in a separate pop up window when clicked, so that a user can see a better, close-up image of the finish.

It is our hope that we have done everything possible to make it fast, easy and fun for you to get to the faux painting information you're looking for. We encourage all readers to take the plunge into the world of faux paint. Fabulous faux finishes exist to transform your world into color and textures of every imaginable kind!